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Art For All

List of available "Art For All" programs

What is "Art For All"?
Scouts, neighborhood and homeschool groups can join us for a fun, one-session workshop!  Choose from an array of new and
time-tested projects including clay and theatre, or design a project suited to your interests.  For Scouts, "Art For All" can help
meet requirements for both art and drama badges.

Who can participate?
Classes are available for children in Kindergarten and above!  Class size is limited to 15 for theatre and 12 for pottery with a
minimum of 6.

When is "Art For All"?
"Art For All"
is only available on Thursday afternoons and begins between 3:30pm and 5pm; however, homeschool groups may
arrange for an earlier start time.

How Much is "Art For All"?
Each workshop is priced between $5.00 to $7.00 per student.  Workshops also vary in their lengths.

How can I reserve a spot for my group?
Easy!  Troop leaders or group parents can call Marselle Harrison-Miles at (770) 509-2700 for more information and available
dates.  PLEASE NOTE: "Art For All" is an outlet for those seeking specific experiences in art and performance.  It is not for
birthday parties or similar activities. However, you can come here, do an Art For All, and then continue the party experience at a different location!

Available "Art For All" Programs:

Clay Handbuilding Workshop
Here is a great chance for your group to explore the wonderful world of clay!  Students will learn the basic techniques of ceramics
and Scouts can gain skills towards earning their ceramics badge.  Group leaders must choose projects before class: Pieces will be
built in one glass, glazed by the instructor and available 2-3 weeks after the class.
1st Grade and up/$7 per child, Length: 1 hour

Storytelling or Improvisational Theatre
w/ Bonus -*Black Box Tour
Come experience a very unique workshop where your group will have a chance to explore the rules and structure of storytelling only
to get the chance to reinforce those ideas by getting their first taste of Improvisational Theatre!  This is a high octane class built for
maximum creativity and learning!
3rd Grade and up/$5 per child, Length: 1 hour
*Black Box could be in use and not available*

Pottery Wheel Demonstration
Throwing pottery on the wheel is a very complicated task, something that traditionally cannot be taught in a short amount of time.
The Art Place "Art For All" program presents an opportunity for your group to see this difficult art presented and demonstrated in
the intimate setting of our Pottery Studio.
1st Grade and up/$5 per child, Length: 30 min.

Visual Art Workshop
w/ Bonus - *Gallery Tour
Complete a 2 dimensional visual art project.  Students will learn the basics of drawing or painting and complete a project to be taken
home the day of class.
1st Grade and up/$5 per child, Length: 1 hour
*Gallery could be in between exhibits and not available*


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