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Book your Arty Party @ The Art Place-Mt. View: Arty Parties are not done during the month of May or during the summer months due to heavy programming needs for our summer camps. Please check back with us in August for booking your party. Thanks!

 What is an “Arty Party”?
It’s a super fun and creative way to throw your child a memorable birthday party! You choose from an array of our fun birthday party packages or design your own for a nominal fee and we handle the rest!

Who can participate?
Parties are available for children ages 3 and above. Party size is limited to 12 children (due to space limitations). You will be charged for a minimum of 6 regardless of cancelations by party invitees.

When can I book an “Arty Party"?
You may book your party for a Wednesday afternoon anytime between 3pm-6pm. (2 hr min/max) Saturdays are available upon approval by coordinator and programming/rentals in facility.  Available party days and times are subject to change based on programming and staff availability. Please contact The Art Place to schedule your party no less than 3 weeks prior to your requested date.

How much is an “Arty Party"?
Each party is priced between $5 to $7 per child plus a refundable deposit of $60 and room rental fee of $20 an hour, 2 hr min/max. Rooms to be determined by coordinator of The Art Place and programming availability.

How can I reserve my party?
Easy! Just call The Art Place at 770-509-2700 or email for more information and available dates. 

Cancelations must be made 7 days out to receive your deposit back.

Parties not paid in full and contracts not received by due date, and no communication has been made by the party coordinator to TAP staff, will be notified that they have been deleted from the calendar.

 Important info:

  • Per child fee covers art instruction and supplies.
  •  Cobb County Hold Harmless forms must be signed by participant parent prior to or day of event. Please come by to pick up forms or download off of, ot they can be emailed to you. 
  • Art activity will last 30-40 minutes. Clay projects for older youth may take 1hr.
  • Deposit is refundable if the space is left as it was found; no trash, food, or partyfavors/decorations left in the room or on the floor. Deposit is kept if room is not cleaned.
  • Deposit and rental fee are due upon booking your party.
  • Per child fee will be collected day of the party, you will be charged for a min. of 6.
  • A ratio of 5 children per 1 adult must be maintained during the entire party, including the art activity, so please plan accordingly.
  • Please make sure that all decorations can be hung without damaging or putting holes in the walls.
  • The Art Place is NOT responsible for decorating or for any other portion of the party except the art activity. 
  • The Art Place staff is not responsible for childcare.
  • Cancelations must be made 7 days out from your event to receive your deposit back.

Available “Arty Party" packages: All projects are subject to change. Requests for "special" projects will be considered but may require an increase in the project fees.

Crafty Projects (more suitable for younger children, 3-5)

Cost: $5 per child

Princesses and Pirates: Projects for girls and boys in line with the theme.

Bugs and Butterflies: Learn to draw them both or make a creation!

Rainbow Fish: Hear the story, draw the fish or make a fun collage!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar: Make fun papers with your friends, then build caterpillar collages.

Seasonal Fun: Create a piece of art suited to the time of year.

Arty/ Acting Projects (more suitable for older children 6-10)

Cost: $5 per child

Puppets: Create a puppet from an origami project!

Watercolor Water Lillies: Create your own Impressionist masterpiece in the style of Monet, with watercolors or paper collage.

Improve your Improv: Theatre class that includes learning the basics of Improv through

theatre games and skills.

O’k O’Keefe: Learn a little bit about Georgia O’Keefe and make a painting project that incorporates her style.

Create a Journal/Art Book: Create your very own basic journal to save your thoughts and doodles.


Clay Projects (suitable for any age)

Cost: $7 per child: All clay projects are picked up min. two weeks after they are made. We will call you when they are ready for pick up.

Dragons: Wings, and scales, and fire, oh my! Create a unique clay dragon to live in your room. Pieces will be available for pickup two weeks after the party date.

Animal Rattles: We’ll show you how to make a clay rattle; you’ll turn it into an awesome creature. Pieces will be available for pickup two weeks after the party date.

Masks: What ferocious face will you make? Create a wacky clay mask to hang on your wall. Pieces will be available for pickup two weeks after the party date.

Froggies or Fishies: Create all the pieces your own aquatic pal or reptile friend!

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