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AC - Preschool/Youth Music
(Holiday Music Classes listed in Holiday Classes section)

Musikgarten - Cycle of Seasons: Wind Dancers    (age 3-5)
Encourage music development at your child's peak period of music acquisition. Celebrate nature's seasonal changes through singing, structured and creative movement activities, percussion instruments, focused listening and storytelling. Supplies: 2 CDs, listening activities & booklet. 10 wks.
Fee: 100.00 (R) 125.00 (N)                Supply Fee: 40.00
Instructor: Laura Davidson
54498  Mon     Sep 10-Nov 12            11:30 AM -12:15 PM

Musikgarten Toddlers: Play with Me!    (age 16mos-3 yrs)
Join the fun with your toddler in singing, moving, dancing, listening and playing with simple instruments. Movement, language and listening abilities are developed with a foundation of music. New Family Only materials: CD, booklet and a pair of finger cymbals.
Fee:90.00 (R) 115.00 (N)                    Supply Fee: 30.00
Instructor: Laura Davidson
54500  Mon     Sep 10-Nov 12            10:00-10:30 AM
54502  Mon     Sep 10-Nov 12            10:45-11:15 AM

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