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AC - Youth Visual

Acrylic and Watercolor Painting    (age 6-10)

All kids have used some form of water-based paint.  Come explore acrylic and watercolor technique with a step by step format.  A finished painting each week! Click for Supply List.  10wks.
Fee: 82.00 (R) 107.00 (N)
Instructor: Kip Rogers
54438  Tue      Sep  4-Nov  6  3:30- 4:45 PM

Art Exploration for Little Artists    (age 4-6)
Experience the fundamentals of art in a fun learning environment. This class will focus on line, shape, color and texture as children explore a variety of art materials and techniques to include drawing, painting, collage, printing and air dry clay. Instruction in this class will enhance a child's imagination and set the basics for future artwork. Our goal is to focus on the art process and experience. Curriculum for each class is unique! 7 wks.
Fee: 75.00 (R) 100.00 (N)                  Supply Fee: 12.00
Instructor: Stephanie McFerrin
54460  Wed     Sep  5-Oct 17  3:45- 4:45 PM

Basic Drawing for Youth FALL    (age 10+)
Basic Drawing is our focus in this class from shading to perspective with different mediums. We will explore technical and creative aspects of drawing. Click for Supply List. 10 wks
Fee: 90.00 (R) 115.00 (N)
Instructor: Kip Rogers
54807  Tue      Sep 4-Nov 16  4:45 PM - 6:00 PM

Chinese Brush Painting WORKSHOPS (age 10+)
This class will incorporate time-honored tradition into contemporary expression by using bamboo brush techniques and discipline on rice paper. 1 day.
Fee: 40.00 (R) 65.00 (N)            Supply Fee: 5.00
Instructor: Tehwan Tso
56612 Sat      Sept 8        1:30-5:00PM
56613 Sat      Oct 13        1:30-5:00PM
56614 Sat      Nov 17        1:30-5:00PM 

Discover Drawing for Teens    (age 14-18)

Learn drawing basics and fundamentals while exploring interesting subject matter. Weekly exercises along with those of longer duration will build skill and confidence level. Please bring supplies to first class. Supply list online at 10 wks.
Fee: 106.00 (R)145.00 (N)
Instructor: Pam Beagle Daresta
54468  Thu      Sep  6-Nov  8  6:45- 8:45 PM

Drawing & Painting for Youth    (age 8-14)
Kids love drawing and painting. In this class we will paint one week and draw the next, learning basic techniques along the way. Creativity and craftsmanship will be encouraged. Click for Supply List 10 wks
Fee: 90.00 (R) 115.00 (N)                 
Instructor: Kip Rogers
54464  Mon     Sep 10-Nov 12            4:45- 6:00 PM

Drawing, Painting Cartoons w/Step by Step (age 7-11)
With Step-by-Step instruction the class will cover a wide range of subjects to include cartoons, still life, landscapes and more. Experimentation with color and a variety of supplies will enhance drawings while creative guidance and emphasis on drawing skills will help build confidence. All of this while creating our cartoons using drawings from this class. This class may be repeated as content changes. 7 wks.
Fee: 75.00 (R) 100.00 (N)                  Supply Fee: $12
Instructor: Stephanie McFerrin
54469  Wed      Sep 5-Oct 17 5:00- 6:00 PM

Drawing, Painting Cartoons w/ Step by Step Workshop (ages 7-14)
Step by step instruction to explore the composition and styles of cartoon illustration. Students will practice drawing skills while producing
a folder of drawings.  Instruction and projects will include the use of color. This is a fast paced and highly productive workshop from which students will be enabled and encouraged to keep working on their own. Instructional material will be different in each session so sign up for as many as you like! 1 day.
Fee: 32.00 (R)  65.00 (N)                   Supply Fee: 7.00
Instructor: Stephanie McFerrin
54901  Sat       Sep 29             9:30 AM-12:30 PM

Fashion Design etc    (age 12-17) *Cancelled for Fall 2012, check back Winter 2013!*
If you enjoy Project Runway, sketching outfits, shopping or sewing you will enjoy our beginner fashion designing class. Learn how to sketch, design and color your own mini clothing line. We will take a trip to the Mall to help inspire your collection.  10 wks./8wks.
Fee: 115.00 (R) 140.00 (N)                Supply Fee: 20.00

Instructor: Karron English
54470  Tue      Sep 11-Nov 13            5:30- 7:00 PM

My First Drawing Class 4’s & 5’s with Ms. Nelah (ages 4-5)
Do you have a preschooler or kindergartener that loves to draw and would like a chance to learn simple, easy to repeat lessons? Come draw with Ms. Nelah and improve your eye to hand coordination and fine motor skills at the same time! We will use markers, watercolors, crayons and mixed media to create our themed pictures. 4 wks.
Fee: 50.00 (R) 75.00 (N)                  Supply Fee: 5.00
Instructor: Nelah Gabler
56650 Wed      Oct 3-24        3:45-4:45PM

Origami Master – All Levels (age 8-14) *NEW*
Origami is the art of paper folding where you learn to create animals, flowers, birds, etc. out of a square sheet of paper. Origami skills learned in class teaches eye-hand coordination and helps students develop a higher level of concentration. The pride and confidence that students gain is a bonus! Students will have a portfolio and an art show at the end of the course.10 wks.
Fee: 90.00 (R) 115.00 (N)             Supply Fee: 7.00
Instructor: Michelle Kormos
56611 Thu      Sept 6-Nov 8        4:45-6:00PM

Paint Draw Sculpt *NEW* (ages 5-8 & 9-12)

Children will create their original works with several mediums in topics that are age appropriate. All safe, non-toxic materials are used. The session finishes with a student celebration exhibit featuring the work created during the session. 8 wks.
Instructor: Pam Beagle-Daresta
Fee: 80.00 (R)  105.00 (N)                 Supply Fee: 20.00

54985  Sat       Sep 8-Oct 27   10:00-11:00AM (ages 5-8)
Fee: 90.00 (R)  115.00 (N)                 Supply Fee: 20.00

54986  Sat       Sep 8-Oct 27   11:30 AM-1:00 PM  (ages 9-12) *Cancelled for Fall 2012, check back Winter 2013!*

Water Based Painting for Early Artists    (age 5-9)
Learn the fundamentals of drawing and painting in a fun learning environment. This class will teach line, shape, color and texture. Skills taught in this class will enhance a child’s imagination and set the basics for many drawings to come! Curriculum for each class is unique. Take one or both sessions. 7 wks
Fee: 82.00 (R) 107.00 (N)

Instructor: Kip Rogers
54466  Mon     Sep 10-Nov 12            3:30- 4:45 PM

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