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One on One Private Lessons

Have a young actor wanting acting lessons but not ready for a large group just yet?
Or would like extra time to improve skills already learned? In these 30 minute sessions whether
your child is a beginner or intermediate student in theatre or piano/voice our instructors
will help them advance through lessons and exercises appropriate for their level.
Each time has a barcode to choose from for your convenience.
Fee: 250.00 (R) 275.00 (N)

*FALL 2014*

Acting Lessons (9+)

Instructor: Beth Anderson
Mondays Sep 8-Nov 10

Time                                                 Barcode
5-5:30PM                                             66598
5:30-6PM                                             66599
6-6:30PM _                                           66600


Instructor: Victoria Spencer-Smith
  Thursdays Sept 11-Nov 13

Time                                                 Barcode
5-5:30PM                                            66602
5:30-6PM                                            66603
6:00-6:30PM                                        66606
6:30-7PM                                            66607
7-7:30PM                                            66604

7:30-8PM                                            66605

Piano or Vocal Lessons with Rosa Wright (age 7+)
Mondays Sept 8-Nov 10

Time                                                 Barcode
3:30-4PM                                            66589
4-4:30PM                                            66590
4:30-5PM                                            66591
5-5:30PM                                            66592
5:30-6PM                                            66593
6-6:30PM                                            66594
6:30-7PM                                            66595
7-7:30PM                                            66596
7:30-8PM                                            66597

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