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Recital Information*

The Art Place Theatre is available for piano, honors, instrumental, vocal and Senior recitals.

The following are the regulations for booking recitals of any type as of October 1, 2010.
*Information is subject to change due to pricing and BOC discretion. This is basic information.
A full guideline book will be available at booking time. 

1. Any recital booked from 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM, Friday through Sunday, shall be subject to a $20 per hour fee with a 4 hour minimum, plus $60 deposit (deposit returned if facility/piano left as found). If a full day is needed it is $120 for the day.

2. The Art Place owns a  RX-2, 5’10" Kawai grand piano. It is tuned twice a year, (Spring, Fall). If the lessee would like the piano tuned especially for his/her recital, lessee must use The Art Place Tuner at a charge of the current rate. Payment and notification must be done 10 working days prior to the lessee's rental.

3. Receptions are permitted following the lessee's recital, however they are limited to The Art Place lobby. Receptions are also subject to availability when booking.

4. Piano recitals may be booked up to one year from the month requested in advance. Please note that The Art Place Blackbox stays consistently booked. Please plan ahead as theatre groups are allowed to book 3 years in advance up to 14 days.

5. Seating and lighting is at the discretion of The Art Place Coordinator. The current seating and lighting configuration will be used. Lessee's rental does include a basic "theatre" lighting plot. Staff will bring up the basic plot for you but a TAP tech must be used and paid ($25 an hr, $20*an hour for lessee, 4 hour min.and $5 for TAP) for lights up and down during your recital.

6. All lessee's must leave the facility in the same condition in which it was found. Custodial charges will be assessed as needed.

7. The Art Place Theatre has a capacity limit of 200 people. This includes all performers, teachers, technicians, audience members, etc. Our largest seating configuration is 170 seats(This configuration requires special set up. A fee will be assessed if 170 seating is requested). Seating configurations average 130 - 150 seats. Please keep these figures in mind, when considering using The Art Place for your recital.

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