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Beneath the Surface-Elementary Art Camp  (age 4-9)

This summer's concentration will be on local American textile and fiber artists who have mastered the art of texture, design and color using extraordinary and dynamic approaches to their fiber medium of choice. Each artist creates a unique surface quality that adds to the depth, vibrancy and harmony of their work.  Annie Greene, John Gunther, Kathy Cooper and Sharon Ahmed are the spring boards from which our artistic inspirations will begin. Each artist displays a remarkable representation of what it means to be a textile/ fiber artist today. Student's creative journey with these artists as inspirations will include but not be limited to surface and texture studies, sculpture, pattern and design, painting, drawing, and theatrical experiences. More in depth info will be listed about these artists in the future. 1 wk. per child only.

Choose Your Own Art Camp:

Ages 10-13: Sign up for classes that will last 2 hrs a day for one week. Throw pots (on the wheel) or learn to handbuild with clay in the AM, create anime (Japanese Type Cartooning) after lunch and draw & paint (basic skills in both) until 5pm! Or just choose one medium for the week! Some choices have filled see the link below for availability.

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