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***All Class Information Subject to Change. Please Re-Check before registration begins!***


Painting in Watercolors for Beginners (age 16+)
In this class beginners will be shown the principles of watercolor painting. Through practice and
experimentation students will learn the basics of controlling watercolor with emphasis on wet-on-wet,
and wet-on-dry painting techniques. Basic still life will be common place but students are encouraged
to bring in their own items and set up personal still life's if desired. The instructor will show
you how drawing skills can improve your painting. winter 4wks/spring 8 wks.
Fee: 52.00 (R)   77.00 (N) (4 weeks)
Instructor: Logan Wagoner
59659  Wed     Feb 13-Mar 6     10:00AM-12:00PM
Fee: 96.00 (R)  121.00 (N) (8 weeks)
Instructor: Logan Wagoner
59349  Wed     Mar 20-May 8    10:00AM-12:00PM

Beginning Portrait and Figure Drawing (age 16+)
This class will give the basics in portrait drawing and figure framing. Shading and likeness will be our
focus in portrait. Shading and anatomy will be our figure focus. Click here for Supply List. 8 wks.
Fee: 80.00 (R) 105.00 (N)
Instructor: Kip Rogers
57446  Tue     Jan 15-Mar 5       6:30-8:00PM
57519  Tue     Mar 19-May 14     6:30-8:00PM (Spring)

Discover Drawing Adults (age 16+)
This is the class to improve your drawing skill. Half of the class time will be devoted to exercises to open up new ways
to see and draw while the other half will explore your own subject matter, whether from photos and sketches or
collaborative ideas. Click Here for Supply List The supply list states Nancy Jordan but the instructor has changed.8 weeks.
Fee: 96.00 (R) 121.00 (N)
Instructor: Anita Ronin-Hunter
57459  Tue     Jan 15-Mar 5       9:30AM-11:30AM
57532  Tue     Mar 19-May 14     9:30AM-11:30AM (Spring)

Glass Fusing & Slumping (age 14+)
Create your own masterpiece with Glass Fusing. Glass pieces are first cut and layered then fired in a glass kiln.
The piece can then be placed in a mold and fired again. Projects ready two weeks after last day of class.
Click here for supply list. Supplies may be purchased from Davens Ceramics, Hobby Lobby and Michaels. 8 wks./6 wks.
Fee: 80.00 (R) 105.00 (N)
Instructor: Teresa Barnes
57444 Tue     Jan 15-Mar 5       10:00-11:30AM
57445 Tue     Jan 15-Mar 5       12:30-2:00PM

Fee: 60.00 (R) 85.00 (N)
57539 Tue     Mar 19-Apr 23      10:00-11:30AM (Spring)

Instant Piano (for Hopelessly Busy People) (age 15+)
If you yearn to experience the joy of playing piano, but you don’t want years of weekly lessons, this short course
is for you. In just a few hours you can learn enough secrets of the trade to make piano playing a part of your life.
How is it done? Typical piano lessons teach you note reading, but piano professionals use chords. You will learn all
the chords needed to play any pop song in this one session: any song, any style, any key. And you’ll get a healthy
dose of insider secrets. If you already know your way around a keyboard a little, you know enough to enroll in this
workshop. If not send an S.A.S.E. to: Michael McMillan 120 Summer LN Covington GA 30016.
Fee: 45.00 (R) 70.00 (N) Supply Fee: 25.00
Instructor: Michael McMillan
57544  Mon     Apr 15       6:00-9:00PM

Intermediate/Advanced Watercolor Painting (age 16+)
Intermediate watercolor students will enjoy the individual attention offered by the instructor of this class. Still life, landscapes or personal photographs can be used as subjects. Students will study design, color and general watercolor techniques. Please bring supplies to first class. Please call The Art Place at (770) 509-2700 for information about required supplies. 8 wks.
Fee: 150.00 ( R) 175.00 (N)
Instructor: Karen Bradshaw
57467  Thu     Jan 17-Mar 7        9:30AM-12:00PM
57546  Thu     Mar 28-May 23      9:30AM -12:00PM (Spring)

Oil & Acrylics All Levels (age 14+)
If you are just beginning to get back into painting, come join us in a fun studio atmosphere class. You will work
at your own pace and paint what you want. The instructor will be there to guide you and answer your questions.
Click here for supply list. 8 wks.
Fee: 96.00 (R) 121.00 (N) - AM
Fee: 90.00 (R) 115.00 (N) - PM

Instructor: Kip Rogers
57478  Mon     Jan 14-Mar 11       10:00AM-12:00PM
57754  Mon     Jan 14-Mar 11       6:30-8:00PM (Spring)
57561  Mon     Mar 18-May 13      10:00AM-12:00PM
57755  Mon     Mar 18-May 13      6:30-8:00PM (Spring)

Oil & Acrylics Intermediate (age 14+)
This class is for students with some experience in painting. Class is conducted with a studio feel so you choose
the subject matter and learn from class participation and instructor input. Click here for supply list. 8 wks.
Fee: 96.00 (R) 121.00 (N)
Instructor: Kip Rogers
57477  Mon     Jan 14-Mar 11       12:00-2:00PM
57560  Mon     Mar 18-May 13      12:00-2:00PM (Spring)

Oriental Watercolor (14+)
Learn to acquire brush techniques for stroke works. We will explore eastern aesthetics, synthesize personal knowledge
and aspiration into individual stroke painting. We will incorporate the time honored classics and the developed contemporary
techniques for simplistic beauty and free expression. This class caters to each student according to their own progress.
This class designed for both beginners and experienced painters. For reference please view .
Younger ages can participate if they are homeschooled, please call to register. 5 wks.
Fee: 90.00 (R) 115.00 (N) Supply Fee: 30.00
Instructor: Tehwan Tso
57707  Tue     Jan 15-Feb 12       10:30AM-12:30PM
57773  Tue     Mar 19-Apr 23       10:30AM-12:30PM

Painters with No Class (age 18+)
During this open studio time for painters you will be allowed to come and paint at your own pace using oils, acrylics, watercolors,
pastels, etc. Their will be a class monitor that takes roll and keeps the room organized etc. There will not be instruction. 8wks.
Fee: 65.00 (R) 90.00 (N)
57867  Thu     Jan 17-Mar 7       11:00AM-3:00PM
57870  Thu     Mar 21-May 16     11:00AM-3:00PM (Spring)

Painting with Oil or Acrylic Thursdays (age 16+)
Whether a beginner or experienced artist, come enjoy painting in a relaxed studio style atmosphere. You choose
what you want to paint and work at your own pace. Instructor will guide you on a colorful journey that includes
working with a variety of pigments and gel mediums that will give your work a fresh look and a new perspective.
Supply list information will be posted soon. 8 wks.
Fee: 96.00(R) 121.00 (N)
Instructor: Aaron Jackson
57485  Thu     Jan 17-Mar 7       7:00-9:00PM
57568  Thu     Mar 28-May 23    7:00-9:00PM *New Start Date*

PMC (Precious Metal Clay) Workshop: Beginner (18+)
Come learn the basics! Each student will purchase a bag of clay from the instructor at the silver market value ($42-49)
payable by check or cash. 1 day/4wks
Fee: 40.00 (R)  65.00 (N)
Instructor: Megan Austin
57486  Sat     Jan 19       10:00AM-2:00PM
57487  Sat     Feb 2        10:00AM-2:00PM
57984  Thu     Feb 21      10:00AM-2:00PM
57985  Tue     Mar 5        10:00AM-2:00PM
57986  Thu     Mar 28      10:00AM-2:00PM
57987  Tue     May 14      10:00AM-2:00PM
*4 Week Session Fee: 85.00 (R)  110.00 (N)
57983  Tue     Jan 15-Feb 5     10:00AM-12:00PM

Thursday PM Painting with No Class: Open Studio (age 18+)
Open studio style class for painters and pastel artists. No Beginners. 8 wks.
Fee: 65.00 (R)  90.00 (N)
58072  Thu     Jan 17-Mar 7      6:30-8:30PM
58073  Thu     Mar 21-May 16   6:30-8:30PM (Spring)


Creative Techniques Using Your Digital SLR (age 16+)
The goal of this workshop is to familiarize students with the operation and features of a digital SLR camera,
to include using both the common and advanced features built into the camera. This workshop stresses ways
to make photography more fun and creative. Students will learn about what lenses are best for various types of
photography, creative lighting techniques, and the best ways to save, print, and archive their images. Students
should bring their digital camera and instruction manual. 3 wks.
Fee: 69.00 (R) 94.00 (N)
Instructor: David Batley
57456  Tue     Feb 5-Feb 19       7:00-9:00PM
57528  Tue     Mar 19-Apr 2      10:30AM-12:30PM (Spring)

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