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***All Class Information Subject to Change. Please Re-Check before registration begins!***

Youth Visual

Acrylic and Watercolor Painting (age 6-10)
All kids have used some form of water-based paint. Come explore acrylic and watercolor technique with a step by step format.
A finished painting each week! Click for Supply List. 8wks.   
Fee: 82.00 (R)      107.00 (N)
Instructor: Kip Rogers
57437  Tue      Jan 15-Mar 5              3:30-4:45PM
57513  Tue      Mar 19-May 14           3:30-4:45PM (Spring)

Basic Drawing for Youth (age 9-14)
Basic Drawing is our focus in this class from shading to perspective with different mediums. We will explore technical and
creative aspects of drawing. Click for Supply List. 8 wks
Fee: 90.00 (R)   115.00 (N)
Instructor: Kip Rogers
57442 Tue      Jan 15-Mar 5               4:45-6:00PM
57516 Tue      Mar 19-May 14             4:45-6:00PM (Spring)

Be An Origami Master! (age 8-14)
Origami is the art of paper folding where you learn to create animals, flowers, birds, etc. out of a square sheet of paper.
Origami skills learned in class teaches eye-hand coordination and helps students develop a higher level of concentration.
The pride and confidence that students gain is a bonus! Students will have a portfolio and an art show at the end of the course. 8 wks.
Fee: 80.00 (R)   105.00 (N)          Supply Fee: 5.00
Instructor: Michelle Kormos
57706  Thu     Jan 17-Mar 7        5:00-6:00PM
57753  Thu     Mar 21-May 16     5:00-6:00PM (Spring)

Valentine Workshop (age 5-9)
Heart themed POP Art Workshop. Create multi-media collage using lots of materials. 1 day.
Fee: 24.00 (R)   49.00 (N)                Supply Fee: 5.00
Instructor: Stephanie McFerrin
57496  Sat       Feb 9                 10:30AM-12:30PM

Cartoon Valentine Workshop (age 7-14)
A fast paced workshop exploring Cartoons step by step and some will have a Valentine theme! Compile a folder of work that
you can use to continue cartoon work at home! 1 day.
Fee: 30.00 (R) 55.00 (N)        Supply Fee: 5.00
Instructor: Stephanie McFerrin 
57497  Sat     Feb 9        1:00PM-3:30PM (Spring)

Creative Masks Class (ages 7-12)
We will explore the history and significance of masks and wearing them in different cultures. We'll make mardi-gras masks,
3-D animal masks and tribal masks using paints, metallics, jewels, decor paper and decoupage. 4 wks.
Fee: 40.00 (R) 65.00 (N)
Instructor:Marilyn Snyder
57455  Tue     Jan 15-Feb 5        3:15-4:15PM

Photography Workshop for Youths (age 11-15)
This class is designed for youths ages 11-15, who would like to learn more about photography. The instruction will include basic camera skills for both digital and film, and will emphasize creative use of the camera in a variety of settings--people, landscapes, and just fun pictures. Students should bring a camera to class. 3 wks.
Fee: 69.00 (R) 94.00 (N)
Instructor: David Batley
57527   Wed      Mar 20-Apr 3       5:00-6:30PM

Draw, Design and Doodle Night of Fun! (age 16+)
Everyone can draw! In this class we will use contour drawing to explore basic techniques with a variety of subjects.
Lots of fun and everyone will be successful--you will be amazed at what you can do! A great way to learn basic drawing
techniques to help you begin to pursue your own drawing in a casual setting. Bring a snack! 1 day.
Fee: 20.00 (R) 45.00 (N)         Supply Fee: 5.00
Instructor: Stephanie McFerrin
57533  Mon   Apr 22      5:00-7:00PM

Art Exploration for Little Artists (age 4-6)
Experience the fundamentals of art in a fun learning environment. This class will focus on line, shape, color and texture
as children explore a variety of art materials and techniques to include drawing, painting, collage, printing and air dry clay.
Instruction in this class will enhance a child's imagination and set the basics for future artwork. Our goal is to focus on
the art process and experience. Curriculum for each class is unique! 3 wks./4 wks.
Fee: 36.00 (R)   61.00 (N)                      Supply Fee: 5.00
Instructor: Stephanie McFerrin
57471  Wed     Feb 13-Feb 27           3:30-4:30PM
Fee: 48.00 (R)   73.00 (N)                      Supply Fee: 7.00
57534  Wed     Apr 17-May 8            3:30-4:30PM (Spring)

Drawing & Painting for Youth (age 6-10)   
Kids love drawing and painting. In this class we will paint one week and draw the next, learning basic techniques
along the way. Creativity and craftsmanship will be encouraged. Click for Supply List. 8 wks.        
Fee: 85.00 (R)   110.00 (N)
Instructor: Kip Rogers
57461  Mon     Jan 14-Mar 11            4:45-6:00PM
57535  Mon     Mar 18-May 13          4:45-6:00PM (Spring)

Drawing for Teens (Discover Drawing)   (age 12-17)
Learn drawing basics and fundamentals while exploring interesting subject matter. Weekly exercises along with
those of longer duration will build skill and confidence level. Please bring supplies to first class. Click Here for Supply List. The supply list states for Nancy Jordan but the instructor has changed. 8 wks.   
Fee: 96.00 (R)      121.00 (N)
Instructor: Anita Ronin-Hunter
57864  Thu     Jan 17-Mar 7               6:45-8:45PM
57531  Thu     Mar 21-May 16            6:45– 8:45PM

Drawing, Painting and Cartoons with Step by Step Instruction  (age 7-11)
With step-by-step instruction the class will cover a wide range of subjects to include cartoons, still life, landscapes and more. Experimentation with color and a variety of supplies will enhance drawings while creative guidance and emphasis on
drawing skills will help build confidence. 4 wks.
Fee: 48.00 (R)   73.00 (N)                      Supply Fee: 10.00
Instructor:  Stephanie McFerrin
57536  Mon    Feb 4-Feb 25           3:45-4:45PM

My First Drawing Class 4’s and 5’s w/ Ms. Nelah (age 4-5)
Come draw with Ms. Nelah and improve your eye to hand coordination and fine motor skills at the same time! We will use markers, watercolors, crayons, and mixed media tocreate our themed pictures. 4 wks
Instructor: Nelah Gabler
Fee: 50.00 (R) 75.00 (N)       Supply Fee: 5.00
57872   Wed     Feb 6-Feb 27       3:45-4:45PM
57873   Wed     Mar 27-Apr 17      3:45-4:45PM (Spring)

PMC (Precious Metal Clay) Kids Mother's Day Workshop (age 6+)
Each student is provided silver clay/beads to make a pendant or pair of earrings for Mother's Day. 1 day.
Fee: 20.00 (R)  40.00 (N)       Supply Fee: 25.00
Instructor: Megan Austin
57988  Tue    Apr 16       4:00-6:00PM

Spring Candy Houses Workshop (ages 3-5 Parent Required) (age 6+ Parent Optional)

Have fun making a beautiful Spring Houses using 25+ confections. 1 day.
Fee: 30.00 ( R) 55.00 (N)
Instructor: Marilyn Snyder
57542  Sat       Mar 23                   10:00AM-11:30AM

Unique Handmade Gifts for All Occasions (age 6-12)
Join me to make beautiful lasting gifts for teachers, Moms, Dads, etc.. for those special days. We'll use decoupage, paints, plaster and more to make designer frames, office accessories, jewelry, etc...Each student will make at least 6 gifts. 4 wks.
Fee: 40.00 ( R) 65.00 (N) Supply Fee: 8.00
Instructor: Marilyn Snyder
57517  Tue     Apr 16-May 7       3:15-4:15PM

Water Based Painting for Early Artists (age 5-9)
Learn the fundamentals of drawing and painting in a fun learning environment. This class will teach line, shape color and texture. Curriculum for each class is unique. Supply list information will be available soon. 8 wks.
Fee: 82.00 (R) 107.00 (N)
Instructor: Kip Rogers
57703  Mon     Jan 14-Mar 11         3:30-4:45PM
57756  Mon     Mar 18-May 13        3:30-4:45PM (Spring)

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