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For information about Youth Theatre Creative Dramatics Classes on Saturday Am, not a part of YAA,
See Youth Theatre in Winter/Spring Classes Link in Art Classes Drop Down Above.

AC—Youth Theatre: Young Actor’s Academy:

On Camera-Action! (age 14+)
On camera class that allows each student to work with objectives, action, sense memory. This experience is how professional actors develop. 8 wks.
Fee: 115.00 (R) 121.00 (N)
Instructor: Victoria Spencer Smith
66588    Tue      Sept 9-Oct 28      5:00-6:30 PM

Young Actors Academy I-Prep for Performance (age 6-8)
In this 8 week theater focused class we will introduce students to stage
direction, acting exercises, improvisation, storytelling, and place/ imagination work. Students will demonstrate skills to family on Nov. 3rd. 8 wks.
Fee: 85.00 (R) 110.00 (N)
Instructor: Beth Anderson
66627    Mon     Sep 15-Nov 3      4:00-5:00 PM

Young Actors Academy II–Performance (age 9-14)
In this 8 week class, students learn to apply their technique work (from YAA I) to a variety of scripts. They will then move into a performance piece to be done in the theatre on November 4th. 8 wks.
Fee: 115.00 (R) 110.00 (N)
Instructor: Victoria Spencer Smith
66626    Tue      Sep 16-Nov 4      6:30-8:00 PM

Homeschoolers Theatre Experience– The Greeks! **NEW**
(ages 5-7, 8-12, 13-17 yrs)

Comedy. Tragedy. Satire. It all started in Greece! In this class, students will explore the foundations of Greek theatre and history. They will build skills in acting through warm-ups, theatre games, and character work using real Greek plays! - FYI: The 11am class should pack a lunch! 8wks.
Instructor: John Paul Schutz
Fee: 80.00 (R) 105.00 (N)
67043    Wed      Sep 10-Oct 29      8:30-9:30 AM (ages 5-7)
Fee: 90.00 (R) 115.00 (N)

67043    Wed      Sep 10-Oct 29      9:30-11:00 AM (ages 8-12)
Fee: 100.00 (R) 125.00 (N)
67043    Wed      Sep 10-Oct 29      11:00-1:00 PM (ages 13-17)

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